About Tulsa’s storytelling festival, Tapestry of Tales...


Tulsa has a new event for 2014!  The Tulsa Storytelling Festival will be April 25-26 at 7:30 p.m. and will feature some of the best national tellers in America.  Donald Davis, world renowned Appalachian storyteller, from North Carolina - Corinne Stavish, a Jewish teller - Tim Tingle, a Native American teller, and Charlotte Blake Alston, an African-American teller - all will be here for two evening "olios" (storytelling performances).  Also a Family Event on Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m., April 26th, for children of all ages.  All events will be held at Boston Avenue United Methodist church in their Jubilee Center.  For more information, contact us at info@tulsastorytellingfestival.com

Tulsa's Own Barbara McBride-Smith

Barbara Mcbride Smith

Barbara McBride-Smith is Tulsa's own storyteller! Entertainer, historian, preacher, and storyteller all rolled into one, Barbara serves up sweet truth with a side of southern grit. Through her stories, she takes you on a journey through your life as it intersects with hers and brings you back home to yourself!


MC for Tulsa's 2014 Events


Meet the Storytellers...

  • Donald Davis

    Donald Davis was born in a Southern Appalachian mountain world rich in stories.  "I didn't learn stories, I just absorbed them ," he says as he recounts tales and more tales learned from a family of traditional storytellers who have lived on the same Western North Carolina land since 1781.  Davis grew up hearing gentle fairy tales, simple and silly Jack tales, scary mountain lore, ancient Welsh and Scottish folktales, and-most importantly-nourishing true-to-life stories of his own neighbors and kin.

  • Charlotte Blake Alston

    Charlotte Blake Alston is a storyteller, narrator, instrumentalist and singer who performs in venues throughout North America and abroad.  She breathes life into traditional and contemporary stories from African and African American oral and cultural traditions. Her solo performances are often enhanced with traditional instruments such as djembe, mbira, shekere or the 21-stringed kora.

  • Corinne Stavish

    Corinne Stavish credits her father, Martin Grayson, for instilling in her a love of justice, a passion for history, a wicked sense of humor, and a drive to share stories. She uses her degrees in Theatre, Literature, and Performing Arts to great advantage, whether in the classroom or on stage, to shape personal and public history into inspiring narratives described as powerful and poignant.

  • Tim Tingle

    Tim Tingle is an avid collector of tribal stories.  He has guest-lectured on numerous college campuses on Native American folklore, and in 2003 earned his Master of Arts degree in the English Department at the University of Oklahoma, focusing on contemporary American Indian narratives.  Tim often accompanies himself on the Native American flute and sings Choctaw songs to the rhythms of his whaleskin drum.